Investor Grievance

  • What are some of the common investor grievances?
  • What does PSX do in case of investor complaints against TREC-Holder?

“What are some of the common investor grievances?”

Following are some of the common investor grievances:

  • Non-delivery/transfer of shares
  • Non-payment of credit balance/sale proceeds
  • Charging of extra commission
  • Unauthorized trading

“What does PSX do in case of investor’s complaint against a TREC-Holder?”

PSX has a Department of Investor Relations that deals with the complaints lodged by the investors against the PSX TREC-Holders. When the complaint is lodged, the same is forwarded to the TREC-Holder for his comments required to be submitted within three days. If the complaint is not settled amicably, the same may be referred to arbitration. The General regulations however stipulate that the dispute must be reported within one year of arising the same, otherwise PSX the case may not be entertained.

“Pending Investor Complaint (s)”


“Details of Contact Person (s) designated to handle complaint (s)”

Mr. Muhammad Imran Naseem
Contact Details:
92-East, 3rd floor, Razia Shareef Plaza,
AKM Fazl-ul-Haq Road, Blue Area,
Islamabad - 44000, Pakistan
Tel: +92 (51) 280 2275 - 7, Fax: +92 (51) 234 4607
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“Detail of action (s) taken by Exchange and the commission against the brokerage house”


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