Millennium Brokerage (PVT) Limited is a TREC Holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange and provides trading and investment facilities in Capital Market of Pakistan.

Flowing procedure is adopted by Millennium for investment of its client’s in Stock Market:
  1. Account Opening / Client Registration:
    Standardized Account Opening Form (SAOF) is taken from the prospective clients after completing all prescribed formalities;
  2. Allocation of UIN:
    UIN of client is allocated in National Clearing Company Data base which is CNIC, NICOP for individual and for corporate entity Registration number assigned by the registering authority;
  3. Opening of CDC Sub Account under Participant Id and tagging with UIN:
    CDC SUB Account is opened under the umbrella of participant id of Millennium and being tagged with assigned UIN in NCCPL Data base after getting signed Posted Account Report from the client.
  4. Fund Receipt:
    Fund is received as per terms and conditions contained in SAOF regarding deposit and withdrawal of funds.
  5. Account be assign to trading Department:
    After receiving of Funds the account is assigned to the trading department for onward investment guidance.

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Stock Trading

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