Millennium Brokerage (PVT.) Limited “the Company” is a Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC) Holder of Pakistan Stock Exchange and registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan as a Broker.
The company has adopted various policies & procedures for internal control measures & tools for compliance for various Acts, Rules & Regulation of the Exchanges.
Following are the key points of the company’s policy with respect to Account Opening/Clients Registration, Clients Dealing, Complaints of the clients (if any),

1. Account Opening: 
1.1 Millennium prefers those clients who have proper reference. However walk in clients are also entertained subject to provision of complete documents by the respective clients.

1.2 Potential clients have to make a request to open an account by filling in and signing the PSX/CDC Standardized Account Opening Form (SAOF) which include KYC-CDD and any other Form deemed necessary from time to time.

1.3 Clients must provide all the required documents which are mentioned in the form.

1.4 No discrimination is made between clients of the company and all clients are dealt fairly. The company endeavors to provide its best services to all of its clients.

2. Client Orders:
2.1 KATS Operators have authority to feed orders in the trading terminals after receiving the orders for respective client either the client is physical present in the office or though Telephone. All orders received via telephone (landline) communication are routed through the recorded telephone lines.

3. Confirmation:
3.1 The confirmation of order executed is transmitted through email or sent through courier (where applicable).

4. Investor Redressal System /Mechanism:
4.1 Client can file a complaint with Millennium via e-mail / courier or in written form specifying the nature of the grievance.

4.2 The complaint is received along with the date and time of receiving and is taken seriously.

4.3 On receiving the complaint, the Compliance Officer is authorized to dispose off the complaint on its merit and write personally to the client of all action taken by him for satisfaction of the client.

4.4 If the Compliance Officer draws the attention of the Higher Management or if the Compliance Officer is unable to dispose off complaint to the satisfaction of the client or the exchange or the SECP, the Higher


Management is informed of the situation by the Compliance Officer and all documents are placed before them as early as possible before the Management.

4.5 The Management endeavors its best to redress the complaint and solve the matter fairly on merit. 

4.6 If the client (complainant) is not satisfied with final decision, he can file his complaint with the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

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